Mundane town in northwest Elysia.

Background: In early Reaping, CA 392, Durannon and the surrounding forest suddenly became free of magic. The Daiesthai Magistrate and most of his family and household were driven insane, though one of his sons (Sh’ean) was somehow not affected. One of the Magistrate’s Silverguard, Dirk, was freed by this event as well — the other Guard in the Magistrate’s employ were driven mad by the event and were killed as they rampaged through the town.

Since this event, the Daiesthai rulers of Elysia have made several attempts to regain control, and several others to destroy the town. No creatures influenced by magic can enter the region without either being freed or being driven insane, so the Daiesthai can not use their normal methods of control and subversion.


Mayor: Targos

Mine Foreman: Clive Spanner

Innkeeper: Barliman Butterbur

  • Town Guard:
    Jonas Cypher
    Maia Cypher
  • Prophet: Alex Cypher (son of Jonas and Maia)
  • Tradesman: Drugo Fairwalker
  • Smith:
  • Miller:
  • Farmer:
  • Farmer:



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